Host your event at ATO Hotel's spacious and versatile event space with kitchen - great location close to Kamo river and Sanjo Keihan station!

Looking for the perfect event space in Kyoto? Look no further than ATO Hotel! Our spacious 100m2 event space is fully-equipped with a kitchen, making it the perfect venue for art gallery exhibitions, pop-up restaurants and cafes, parties, weddings, or any kind of celebration. Located just a 3-minute walk from Sanjo Keihan station, ATO Hotel Kyoto is easily accessible for you and your guests.

At ATO Hotel Kyoto, we understand the importance of versatility when it comes to event spaces. That's why our space can be modified to fit any event, from a pop-up store to a wedding reception. Our expert team is also available to help with planning, vendors and any other needs you may have to make your event a success.

In addition to our spacious event space, we also offer a variety of private meeting rooms designed for collaboration, social gatherings, and more. We are sure you will love the ambiance, fantastic location and our multilingual friendly staff who are available to assist you. Contact us now to learn more!


Kakejiku & Photography

FELLINI Gallery proudly present "Kakejiku & Photography", Duo Exhibition featuring two emerging Japanese artists. Beautiful yet unusual Hanging scroll is a collaboration between the photographer Karin Shikata and hanging scroll artist Ryo Ueno.

Karin Shikata's work capture the movement and light created by nature in lakes and forests and thereafter images. She drew inspiration from the musicians and dancers she met in Berlin.

Ryo Ueno believes that the harmony of the photos, and the placement position bring out the charm of the photograph within the hanging scroll. Both artist chose freedom to expand the possibilities of photograpy within the hanging scroll.

Kakejiku & Photography

Glass & Textile

FELLINI Gallery proudly presents "GLASS & TEXTILE". Duo exhibition featuring two emerging Japan artists. Keiko Yamamoto reminds us that the shapes and repeated patterns of nature remind us of the cycle of life and rebirth.

Yamamoto creates works that foreshadow change by reflecting on the allegory of the forest. The reason why Kyoko UEDA chose shoes as the theme of her weaving is that she sees shoes themselves not as lifeless objects, but as symbolic things that contain various thoughts and feelings of human beings.

There are many children's stories about shoes, some fantastical, some spellbinding, and all rich in suggestions for life. A new life, a new story, is born in the shoes. Each artist connects life using different medium to express their views and feelings.

Glass & Textile


FELLINI Gallery proudly presents “Imagine” a solo exhibition featuring Tomomi Watanabe. Tomomi paints to express the beautiful colors of particle energies of the natural world and the forever changing scenery of a beautiful moment. By utilizing the theme "Imagine" she hopes that the viewers will remember the beautiful scenes of nature from their memories and expand their imagination.


Here, There & Everywhere

FELLINI Gallery was founded in Shanghai in 2008 and after its extraordinary success, it opened a Berlin branch in 2012. Now in 2020, we are excited to open a new location in the heart of Kyoto. FELLINI Gallery proudly presents "Here, There & Everywhere, a group exhibition featuring 3 internationally acclaimed Japanese artists for the grand opening exhibition of FELLINI Kyoto.

Yusuke Kitsukawa shares a view of the world seen through the filter of night that sometimes reflects reality. Travel to Paris, New York, and London through Mitsushige Nishiwaki's spirited etchings, characterized by their seemingly naive, innocent, daydream-like sincerity. Tetsuji Yamashita compares a story to a journey, as both the creator and the viewers share the thoughts hidden in poetry. Papers imbued with history showing depth and beauty while reminding us of our past.

Here There Everywhere